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SEO San Jose versus other SEO Companies

Whether your business is big or small, new or established, SEO San Jose's SEO marketing services lead to a variety of benefits thanks to our multi-faceted approach. SEO generally revolves around the strategic use of keywords and, without getting too technical, a variety of other aspects in the workings of your website to help your company feature at or near the top of the list when people search online for words related to the services and products you provide. An average SEO company will often take on a new client, complete a cookie-cutter set of tasks and hustle you out the door. You're left hoping the work will have positive effects, and that these effects will ripple over time into larger success. But you never really know, because communication and transparency are often kept to a minimum when an SEO company doesn't want you to know how little they are actually helping. SEO San Jose takes a different route. Our first step when you retain our SEO services is to learn everything about your business, your products, your customers and your goals. This allows us to tailor our strategies specifically to your individual needs. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement between the two of us in which your input is always valued and our work leads to results that can snowball over time.

No SEO Company Can Match SEO San Jose

Have you ever asked an SEO company what it is, exactly, what they do? More often than not, you'll find yourself awash in wave after wave of terminology-laden promises and analytics that muddle the actual work and the purpose for it. SEO San Jose offers an expert, experienced approach as well as a level of transparency and communication unmatched by the competition. Any SEO company trying to overwhelm you with a bunch of jargon they know you don't understand is attempting to distract you from something. Not at SEO San Jose. An open, inviting atmosphere is often cited as one of our client's favorite aspects in their relationship with us. From the CEO on down, we are happy to explain exactly what we do and why our SEO marketing services will benefit you. Starting Now! Here's a quick summary of our SEO marketing services, and how they surpass those of a typical SEO company:
  • Targeted Keyword Optimization: Any word a person may type into Google, Bing or Yahoo that is relevant to your business can be considered a keyword. As� a plumber, for example, would likely have plumbing problems,� or clogged toilet as keywords. Optimizing these keywords means using the ones with the most potential to help you specifically, not just general terms. A bad SEO company will target a set number of general keywords for your business, but a cookie-cutter approach to SEO can simply be a waste of your time and money. An independent bookstore in San Francisco is simply never going to surpass Amazon when it comes to selling books, so simply targeting book sale as a keyword is a weak strategy. Instead, a good SEO company will use bookstore in San Francisco or independent bookstore,� as they will have a much stronger chance of leading to success.
  • Content Optimization: A standard SEO company will use content full of the keywords in an attempt to trick Google into thinking it is useful and relevant to the keywords. The actual writing of these articles, press releases, etc., is outsourced by the SEO company to freelance writers online. Predominately, these writers have no formal training in SEO habits and are not required to write at a level of quality you would expect of an employee you could actually collaborate with in person. SEO San Jose never outsources. Because we are not simply an SEO company, we have multiple in-house Content Specialists able to provide top-notch quality on demand.
  • Code Optimization: If you think of your website as a physical building, the code of your website comprises the columns, supports, electrical wiring and other infrastructure that keeps everything else running smoothly. By finding mistakes in the code, unnecessary lines and other aberrations, we can streamline the operation of your site. A faster site improves the experience of visitors, gives a professional air to your company, and can even help your site appear higher in search engine results, as Google, for example, checks site speed as part of measuring the legitimacy of sites.
  • Link Building: Ok, bear with us on this one, this will take a bit of explaining. While the term may not be as popular as it used to be, the Internet really is a worldwide web, and each strand on that web is what links websites to each other. The more threads connected to your site's location on the web, the more important and respected your site becomes, so creating these links is extremely important. Have you read something online and seen text that is a different color (usually blue)? It's a link. If you click on it, you'll travel down the thread to another part of the web. Just as critical to success, though, is ensuring the links you have are themselves legitimate. A lazy SEO company will create links by adding them as comments on respectable sites, which is like taping your business card to a billboard. An SEO company can also jam links into obscure directory websites and spam links into other websites. These methods can create a quick jolt of growth, but Google and other search engine devote millions of dollars to rooting out these tricks. Once SEO tricks are inevitably found out, the sites using them are penalized. Not only will the money you paid your SEO company be wasted, the penalties last for an extended amount of time, damaging your long-term success as well as short term. When you hear about why some start-up companies suddenly collapse, tricks like these often play a role. It's a also a way of identifying a fly-by-night SEO company.
SEO San Jose's SEO marketing services are designed to create natural, unforced links to your site. Press releases, to cite just one example, are a great way to build links while also raising awareness of recent events at your company as well as your products or services. Because the release contains links to your site, each media outlet that decides to post the release is also implicitly providing their seal of approval on your site and business, which Google and other search engines most definitely take note of.

Beyond an SEO Company, SEO San Jose can provide:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Reputation Management
The Internet is a fluid marketplace in which trends can surge and ebb quickly. Your SEO company needs to be skilled at predicting, identifying and tracking these changes as well as flexible and fast enough to adapt to them on the fly. Because our SEO marketing services extend beyond the cookie-cutter approach, SEO San Jose is always ready to pounce on the best strategy in SEO marketing services to maximize revenue for you specifically. No matter what level of development your company's online presence is at, SEO San Jose can help. More than an SEO company, SEO San Jose is business optimization.

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