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What is SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes websites more visible in search engine results. SEO is important for every entity with an online presence. Most website owners want all the traffic they can get, and search engines are by far the best source of it. The goal is to make the site easy to find by people who might be interested in its content; with the proper use of SEO, it is possible to ensure that pages from the website show up in searches that are conducted using relevant queries. SEO San Jose is the Internet marketing company in America. The highly trained team of account specialists at SEO San Jose utilizes numerous methods to improve the online presence of its high-end clientele. One of these methods is SEO; however, SEO only reaches its full potential when used in conjunction with other aspects of online marketing, like social media and reputation management.

Search Engines Drive Traffic

Billions of search terms are put into search engines like Google and Bing every day. When people have questions, a search engine is the first tool that many use to find answers. In order to supply users with the information they need, search engines use software to scan websites and determine their content. The website is indexed and can be found later when a search for relevant content is conducted. Search engines could be considered the computer equivalent of librarians who direct people to the data they need. The programs used to scan websites are called "robots" or "spiders".


The goal of SEO is always to move near the top of the search results, ideally first. The odds of a searcher clicking on a link get lower and lower the further away from the top spot that link is. This means that if the link is on the third or fourth page of the search results, it is substantially less likely to be clicked on than one of the first two or three. Studies by Chitika Insights have shown that over 60% of users will click on one of the first three links on the results pages. The industry that has sprung up around search engine optimization has been built on getting websites into those few top slots. Any site occupying one of the spots will see a considerable amount of traffic as a result.

Getting to the Top

Large companies have whole departments dedicated to the work of improving search engine rank. However, the Internet is a relatively democratic platform. Those large companies are using the same tools that are available to everyone else. This means that even a small website owned by an individual or startup can use those tools to reap the same advantages. It takes know-how and savvy, however, so utilizing the services of an experienced marketing firm like SEO San Jose is imperative.

On-Page SEO

This relates to search engine optimization techniques that are done on the actual website and nowhere else. This is literally optimizing the site itself for search engine robots. Factors in on-page SEO include: ◾Keyword Optimization: This means having content that utilizes keywords related to the website's niche. Keywords are words that a searcher might put into a search engine when seeking specific content. A website about cars would have certain popular models as keywords, complete with make and year. This would enable searchers to find content on those particular cars. ◾Domain Name Choice: A domain name that is relevant to the subject of the website is helpful. Not only does it help the search engines to more accurately index the website, it can also signal to visitors that the website is an authority on the subject. ◾Good Content Marketing: Google recently had two updates that caused major turmoil in the SEO world. The Penguin and Panda updates were meant to weed out websites filled with worthless content. These spam sites used deceptive means to get to the top of search results and were not in keeping with Google's Terms of Service. In order to not fall into that category, a website owner will have to ensure that their content is:
  • Useful to visitors
  • Well-written
  • Not duplicated from elsewhere

Off-page SEO

This is related to efforts to build search engine ranking that do not involve the website itself, like:
  • Getting Links From Other Websites: The most important part in getting other sites to link to content is to publish well-written, original content. Other websites will link to material that is useful to their visitors. Search engines use links from other websites that have authority as a means of determining where a particular site should rank.
  • Social Media: Sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming an essential part of driving web traffic. Not only do they allow website owners to interact with their visitors, a social media marketing plan can also be used to build a following and strengthen a brand.
SEO has existed since the founding of Google and can determine a businesses failure or success. By being ethical and publishing worthwhile content, any website can use good SEO practices to get traffic and be successful. Contact SEO San Jose for more information.

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